Borough Market

Located at the heart of London Bridge, Borough Market is an award winning producer selling a wide range of delicious food and drink. From cheese to ice-cream, wine to fresh fruit juices, Greek to Italian, and with over 100 stalls to choose from you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

The market itself is big, and the vibrant and over-whelming smell that welcomes you in is enough to set your tummy rumbling. Expect to see lots of people walking around eating until their hearts (and tummies) content, eyes fixed on the flavoursome and moreish foods they’re wanting to tackle next. I’m a sucker for good food, so each time I visit I tell myself to keep it cool and avoid eating absolutely everything in sight. I never heed my own advice though, the food is just too good and plentiful.

My first food pit stop was at Wokit, located just outside the main market itself. It is, by far, one of my favourite food stalls to visit. Wokit is an Asian themed stall with the promise of fresh, healthy and naturally sourced ingredients to give you the best of the Asian cuisine (having travelled South East Asia, this food brings back lots of amazing memories for me). The menu is bright and colourful and what I love most is that you have so much variety; noodles & rice, vegetables, proteins, and home-made sauces to choose from before it’s sir-fried to perfection. It’s easy to create your own wonderful dish of deliciousness. I went for the spiralized courgette with chicken, mushrooms, mixed peppers, and broccoli with a miso coriander sauce to finish. As usual it did not disappoint and I felt full and happy, my taste buds tingling with satisfaction.

Borough Market 3.jpg

My second food pit stop was at the sweet section which boasts its own area a few feet away from the inside market. Again I was spoilt for choice and I have never seen such a variety of sweet treats. It’s safe to say the portions are extremely generous and my eyes were struggling to take in the sizes of the brownies, cheese cakes and cookies screaming to be eaten and devoured. I opted for the ‘peanut butter white chocolate blondie’ from a stall heaving with people drooling over the treats stood before them. The brownie was heaven and I savoured every mouthful. The texture was moist and the taste of peanut butter gave it the satisfying kick I was seeking.

Borough Market 2.jpg

My third food pit stop (because all good things come in three’s) was at another sweet stall that stood in the centre of the market. The giant slabs of chocolate fudge and shortbread had people cramming over waving notes in the air wanting to get in on the sweet action. I instantly was drawn to the sign which read ‘peanut butter rocky road’ and the slabs that sat proudly underneath. As you may have already guessed, I’m a sucker for peanut butter. This treat had a twist, however, not just peanut butter filled, but honeycomb and fudge oozed from the centre and I found myself also waving a note in the air to the assistant to sell me a piece fast. I definitely saved the best till last with this treat as it was the nicest and sweetest chocolate I had ever tasted. The honeycomb, peanut butter, and fudge were hugely complementing. I had to refrain myself from going back again, as by this point, my tummy was slightly protruding.

All in all Borough Market is a wonderful place for any foodie wanting to explore London’s finest. I was pleasantly surprised also to see many stalls offering gluten, sugar, and wheat free, catering for the majority. The prices here, as you can imagine, are slightly high so this for me is an occasional treat. You can’t, however, put a price on indulging in good, quality food bursting with flavour that is sure to leave your tummies (and your soul) feeling satisfied, happy, and content.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to Borough Market to see (and taste) for yourself… I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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